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You are an intermediate English leaner?

You are learning English in school or university?

You are getting good results, but you want more?

Being «good» is not enough for you?

You have a strong desire to become exceptionally fluent & well spoken?

You wan tot feel comfortable interacting with native speakers?


Welcome to our training program!

We use the most advanced Western technology in existence to help you become truly fluent and proficient in English!

You will be coached by a qualified instructor with the “Post-Proficient” English level!


You will learn:


Excited? You will be surprised to discover that English proficiency is far from being the only thing you’ll get from our training program!

The core of our program is “Social Dynamics” – Western system that helps you reach complete understanding of communication and self-actualization.


You will learn:


…and much, MUCH more!


So this is it! Brain hemorrhaging immersion, traveling DEEP down the “Rabbit Hole” and mastering English – waiting for you!


           I DO want to become a part of your training program! What shall I do?”

Unfortunately, if your English is below Intermediate level, our program is not for you…

Yet if you are Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or Advanced – take your phone now,  

         DIAL   +7 (4912) 99-71-81 or 8 (952)124-57-99 and meet us on the interview.

We’ll be most delighted to see you among our participants!

Best regards,  “Welcome” team.